The Endeavour Card is a smartcard for 16 to 19 year olds for whom travel may be a barrier to get to work, training or education.

The Endeavour Card contributes to our Raising the Bar initiative, to raise the attainment and aspiration of young people in Suffolk, and better match their skills with future jobs.

Discounted fares

16 to 19 year old Endeavour Card holders are entitled to a minimum 25% discount off the price of a full adult fare on all participating services.

Cashless payments

Endeavour Card holders can make cashless payments on public transport services that accept the card.

The card has a stored cash value and online top-up ability. This enables parents and others to ensure young people can pay for their transport.

There are currently two types of Endeavour Card available to apply for:

Endeavour Youth Card

This is available for 16 to 19 year olds.

Find out more information on the Endeavour youth card

Endeavour Park and Ride Smartcard

This allows you to purchase bulk journeys for use on Ipswich park and ride.

Find out more information on the Endeavour Park & Ride card